Russian Tea Room | „Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fan’s dream come true !

„Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fan’s dream come true !


Hardcore fans of the iconic 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s went all-out for the potential to recreate, or at least pay homage to, Audrey Hepburn’s chic breakfast outside the luxury retailer on Fifth Avenue, were a lot is willing to wait any length of time to be inside the turquoise-filled room.

Blue Box Cafe makes eating breakfast at Tiffany’s a much more luxe experience, offering set breakfast, lunch, and tea service at $29, $39, and $49 respectively. The room is covered in the brand’s trademark blue, from the slipcovers on the chairs to the paint on the walls. Wall decorations are Tiffany window displays in miniature, filled with chrome figurines, diamonds, and homewares.

Things Tiffany & Co. has tried to court millennials with include a Super Bowl campaign featuring Lady Gaga, partnerships with cool shopping destinations, and bright, feminine renovations of their stores to speak to the self purchasing woman! (a buzzy term for the jewelry industry’s fast-growing customer segment).


 The Fifth Avenue flagship is already a tourist destination! You can make it perfect destination to spend your V-DAY ! How does it sound?


Photo Credit: Tiffany & Co.

And here we have a little surprise for you!

Our beloved BELLOCQ prepared a special blend for Tiffany !



The Blue Box Café  serves breakfast and lunch inside the Tiffany & Co. building on Fifth Ave.

Click here for a PDF of their full menu.

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