CLASH of CONFASHION | Uber Magical !

When it comes to the trendy + uber magical Polish label Confashion , I don’t even know where to begin…

Their clothing is something so unique, unforgettable, and unrepeatable.

As soon as I step out onto the streets of Brooklyn in my pleated skirt (Confashion’s signature piece) I immediately steal complements from the people of the streets. When you put on an article of clothing from this brand- it not only comes with the highest quality, comfortable fabrics, and unique textiles- it comes with a secret power. You receive energy that makes you feel so alive, carefree, and badass!! Maybe it’s the clash of bold colors? Maybe it’s the head and heart of the craftsman poured into every stitch! We all had the pleasure of meeting the woman behind it all- Kinga Krol at PAFF’s Polish Fashion Week last fall. Ms. Krol is so real, and so special that it was irresistible to not want to own a piece of her special story. Originating in a thriving city (Poznan, PL) , a modern concept- Confashion- was born in 2011. The fashion brand is eccentric due to its love for colors, prints, and funky outside of the box designs. When asked where they gain inspiration from Confashion states – „The epitome of a fashion label is always encircled by a woman. She is the one who drives the force of the machine. She is the beginning of every collection. The energy provider and source of inspiration.”

 So thank you Kinga + your whole Confashion team for letting me a part of your fashion story. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next + to invest in another magically charged piece. A little spirit of you is roaming with a little Blonde girl on the streets of Brooklyn.

Outfit #1

Shirt – Bershka


Shoes – Sam Edelman

Outfit #2


Shorts – Urban Outfitters

Booties – Isabel Marant

Photographer: Ivona Kaplan 

– Emilia

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