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       Natasha Dziewit is a fashion extraordinaire originating from Poland, however she is soon to leave her mark on the American market. Already undeniably successful in Europe, with showrooms currently open in Poland, Germany and Lithuania, Ms. Dziewit is truly someone to admire and look up to in the fashion industry. Natasha may be defined as a constellation of inspiration. She works to blend Native American patterns along with Argentinian and Hispanic themes, while also gaining inspiration from the streets and observing actions and eccentric, sexy, raw appearances of everyday people. She thrives off of a lot of things going on at once, and her designs are anything but basic! Beginning by watching her grandmother work in her workshop, Natasha completed her studies at the Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design. After receiving her degree, she has worked to build her company as well as her name. With a commotion of positive energy and a keen eye for design, we are ready to wear her in NYC!

It was our absolute pleasure to conduct an interview with her at the inspiring Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and here are her full answers to our questions.

* Urban Creativi-tea- What inspires you the most?

* Natasha Dziewit- Simply the streets and people. What they show and communicate through their attire. Some do it with intentions, and others unintentionally without much thought into what they are wearing. I like to observe these things. I could do it for hours!! 

* UC- What characterizes your work as a designer? What is unique in your work and creative process?

* ND- I believe that what is characteristic to me is the clash between complete classics and the history of clothing.When it comes to the cut and the fabric, it is completely modern yet raw… it creates a mix in which you can find echoes of the past, but not only, it is also a prism of the future. Also super important to me is to create clothes. Sensual, creative, highlighting femininity… Even though it may be oversized and masculine in character. I like for these clothes to tell a bit about history. And overall for them to be practical and suitable for everyday wear. 

* UC-  What do you look for when picking out fabrics? 

* ND- Most importantly the quality!! Other than that it’s the ones that speak to me in a way and help me envision the final product right there and then 🙂 Next, I make sure that they work together with each other to create a whole. They must form a collection and complement each other, yet sometimes it does happen that I have a ‘textile vision’ which changes everything… and I like this element of a pleasant surprise at the end of the process. 

* UC- How long are you in this industry and how long have you been working on your brand?

* ND- I’ve been working as a designer for 20 years now (oops :))) For a majority of this time I worked for a lot of different fashion brands and I designed collections in various characterizations and for all different types of buyers. Since 2011 I have been creating under my own name and brand. 

*UC – Is there anything else you would like to add? 

*ND- Yes!!! (hahaha) Most importantly, please forgive my english! But other than that it is awesome to talk with you all!! I had a great time. You are a great crew and I wish you great success.

Natasha is wearing a design of her own.

Photo credit: Ivona Kaplan

Video: Raymond Swift


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