Malta – azure and gold island!

„Despite it being a last minute trip, Malta became my destination of choice mostly because it is a small island and they speak English. But not to mention, Malta was named one of Lonely Planet’s top 10 places to visit in 2018! What ?! Is it because it has more than 300 annual days of sunshine, or maybe because it is super safe according to Europeans? For sure Malta is a cultural capitol of Europe for 2018. Nice. It just so happened that I had 5 days to spear with my long time no-see girlfriend Agnieszka and it all seemed about right! We were looking for a little getaway including….. sun…. beaches… mostly leisure and some touristing! This place has it all!

Our base location was Buggiba– a zone within St.Paul’s Bay (just because Bay sounded just right at the moment, and we loved the hotel we stayed in… Dolmen Hotel Resort highly reccomended). When it comes to Transportation: the bus can take you anywhere! So we went. Valetta – the capital – breathtaking! Seriously… I kind of expected that but still it feels like the time has stopped there: store windows look vintage, tiny streets going up and down, life goes slow here… and we loved it. We took random streets around to get lost in this charming unreal place!”

Ivona Kaplan, Photographer (… story continues below!)

Local beer – Cisk! We call it lifesaver on a hot hot day!

Day #2 Leisure! After an exchausting day before, we were ready to spend a day on a beach! I’m kinda used to sandy beaches and was quite surprised there was none in Buggiba, St. Paul’s Bay but the view payed off! Then we spent the rest of the day at the hotel’s pool with this amazing view in front of us!

Day 3. Here we go again! Hop in hop off bus… and a list of places to go! We knew there is a lot more to see!

Must see  – Mdina, a fortified little town with picturesque narrow streets, known also as the “silent city,” and not to mention it is quiet! And to our surprise.. people actually live there… cool!

Next stop Marsa and Ave Regina Church. Majestic! Many of the Maltese churches have two clocks, showing different times. It is said that the one on the right shows the correct time, while the one on the left shows the wrong time to cheat the Devil.

Below Mosta.

From Sliema we got on a boat to see Threecity. Boat trip thumbs up!

On the way back we catched up with Golden Bay, it was nice but we were rather tired and or it was overcrowded… Our Buggiba felt like home again. Feels local enough with those lazy vibes according to Sliema, which surprised me with tall buildings and very urban life. Definitely not what I was looking for in Malta!

Last day we enjoyed more lazy life at the resort and surranders. Yes we needed that!

If you have an extra day, I highly recommend making the trip out to Gozo… I mean everyone says its amazing but when I heard „so crowded” we backed off!  Maybe next time 🙂

xo Ivona 


Photography: Ivona Kaplan 

(dedicated to my lovely  neighbor Joanne!)

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