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“A more BOLD line and a stroke of watercolors, this is my favorite tactic used in my illustrations…”, Marta Siwecka exclaims. The following illustrator and our next interviewee, is focused on fashion, as well as the delicacy of a woman’s silhouette (which is where most of her work blooms from). Ms. Siwecka resides in Poland, yet is infatuated with New York City and its many intricate perks. She is 23 years old and just finishing her major in German Studies, while also taking E-Business to keep her preoccupied. She describes her style as feminine, with a tune of cheekiness, which is reflected not only in her drawings, but also in her everyday outfits and presentation.


** U.C. – How did your journey of illustration/graphic design begin?

** ICON M. – My illustrative journey began not too long ago actually. Around 15 years ago, in my elementary days I would draw for my friends fashion figures wearing my designs. Since then fashion has always been revolving around me as a whole, as well as in my work. I finally decided to create a place where I could give my drawings a broader audience. This is where my blog ICON M comes into the picture. I began it in 2012, posting my designs as well as my illustrations. I began to enjoy illustrating so much, that I pursued it more deeper than designing. Now, the biggest collection of my illustrations can be found on my instagram as well as on my Facebook fanpage.


** U.C. – Where do you gain the greatest amount of inspiration from?

** ICON M. – I’m inspired by people themselves, artists, nature, as well as all beautiful (according to me) things.. And places that have character and charm!


** U.C. – Out of the countries you have visited so far, which is the most inspiring?

** ICON M. – Hmm maybe not the countries, but the cities. For example- New York, specifically Williamsburg,- which amazes me more and more each time- is where I begin to feel a bohemian euphoria and witness artists walking about into the neon lights, posters, and murals. Although it is not Manhattan, I always return from there with a head filled with fresh ideas and inspiration. I also on the other hand feel this way about cities in Europe, which have more of a historical background, tradition, and antique architecture. For example, Rome or Venice are both sources of artistic inspo. I also overall feel traveling and changing your surrounding & meeting new people expands your horizons, changing which features and sights compel you the most creatively.  


** U.C. – On average, how long does it take you to complete an illustration?

** ICON M. – It takes me from a few minutes, to a few hours. It depends on how many details I want to display.


** U.C. – How does your workspace look? Where do you create all your beauties?

** ICON M. – I have two workspaces: 1. In my apartment at my desk , 2. Everywhere else!

The first workspace is reserved for illustrations, which require watercolors. The second workspace is for my sketchbook or on my tablet. It’s more mobile. But overall, I mainly pick my bed.


** U.C. – Which achievement are you most proud of?

** ICON M. – In the past year my work has received positive feedback and I was able to become the grand winner of two contests, in which I represented my fashion illustrations. The first one, organized by Martini, definitely gave me more confidence in the spectrum of fashion illustration and was an impulse towards more frequent drawing and displaying of my work online. The second contest I won was hosted by Harper’s Bazaar!! Another big recognition.  


** U.C. – What are your future plans for illustration?

** ICON M. – My future plans are mainly to draw more, try new techniques, new methods, experiments, etc. I also plan to sell my work in an online store. Currently, I’m collaborating on special projects, which I hope will be revealed some time this year.


** U.C. – What is the most important in a good illustration? The figure/model, the idea, the interesting background behind it?

** ICON M. – I think all of these elements are significant. A piece has the ability to be appealing and eye catchy in even a matter of seconds. You also must know how to take the figure and represent it with its unique characteristics and purpose.


** U.C. – Do you have your own set style or are you still experimenting and looking for that specific “look”?

** ICON M. – I feel that as style changes over the years, so does my drawing style. However, I feel like my drawings have a similar line, and delicate texture. I like to use different tools, sometimes my tablet and sometimes watercolor or ink. Something that allows me to uncover this unrepeatable effect.

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