Where do New Yorkers go in the Summertime? | FIRE ISLAND Edition

WHERE DO REAL NEW YORKERS SPEND THEIR SUMMER DAYS you may wonder… well we got you an extra ticket to join us to the ideal getaway for residents of NYC!

The City may get -well lets just say- pretty overwhelming in the summertime!! Tourists finally receive use their vacation days from work in order to visit the Big Apple, the black tar streets perfectly absorb the sun’s rays (causing basically extreme temperatures), and I’m sure we’re not the only ones exhausted from the new Kosciuszko Bridge’s traffic!

So where does everyone go? The answer is Long Island! The most beloved areas include the Hamptons, Montauk, and of course FIRE ISLAND!

Fire Island is so lovely…so wild + so free. It opens up your heart and soul to the planet we live on. It’s that vibe of salty, windy hair, and „the tan lines never fade” mindset. Our taste of Cali right at home. Speaking of taste- we absolutely loved the macaroons at Rachel’s Bakery, and the sea food at Maguire’s. We also loved the night time speed boat rides 😉 After walking across almost the whole island for three hours (NO CARS allowed on the island. Only way to get here is by a ferry.) , we decided to test out the awesome Water Taxi. The Taxi took us from one end of the island, back to the other. For a more young, rambunctious, funky + quirky vibe, head over to Cherry Grove. For a true Long Island and more family friendly vibe (and more food choices!) , head to Ocean Beach.

We most definitely recommend FIRE ISLAND to all our urban lifestylers.


Our favorites so far:

Rachel’s Bakery 

Maguire’s Bayfront Restaurant

Ocean Beach Downtown

Water Taxi 


Photography: Ivona Kaplan

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