Love vs. Lust | Conceptual Fine Art Photography

What is Conceptual Photography? Images that when pieced together, tell a story…

By experimenting with conceptual/fine art photography, we can create our own fictitious piece with characters in a made-up environment. Usually the artist has a vision that spreads a clear message, but other times it can be left for interpretation by its admirers.

What story will you tell?


Concept and Photography : Ivona Kaplan (c) 2015

Love vs. Lust 

” Ever felt afraid to speak up? Or left your voice be heard?

Say no more. All your delirium and delusion is about to fade.

You are stronger than him.

Stronger than her.

You are incredible.

Gather all that energy fueling the fire in your insides and set it free.

For you are incredible.”

Inspired by the photo story, a poem by Anonymous (c) 2016

Who we are?

Urban Creativi-tea ( currently under construction) is still a conceptual lifestyle service exhibiting the latest trends in  your favorite personal interests. What is trendy, where to go, what to wear ideas… and more coming up soon! Stay tuned !

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