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What is WINDOW SHOPPING? || Manhattan

Recently, me and Raymond wanted to see what the „buzz” was about regarding the window displays in major fashion stores in New York City. Ewa-our head stylist-recommended that we see the window displays at Barney’s New York and Bergdorf Goodman. The window displays indeed [...]

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LONDON CALLING || Vlog on Location

One of my 18th birthday presents was a plane ticket to London. London Town was always on the top of my list of places I would be delighted to visit… and I must say it seriously is the most amazing place I have ever visited. The most ideal blend of my two worlds. (A bit of Europe […]

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Springtime in Williamsburg | VLOG

Springtime is finally here in Williamsburg!! This means we can finally go on those nostalgic long walks in the sunshine! Come along with us to some of my favorite spots to hang around in Spring…     – Rough Trade NYC (<—- Click for their cool website) – East [...]

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Shopping @ Beacon’s Closet , American Apparel + Urban Outfitters

  Recently I went shopping at some of my favorite stores in Williamsburg, and decided to take you along with me! The stores I visited are all very different and intricate. Perfect for finding one-of-a-kind pieces or more popular and trendy items. *Beacon’s Closet – [...]

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Urban Creativi-tea is a conceptual lifestyle service exhibiting the latest trends in ALL your personal interests. What is trendy, where to go, what to wear. Everything we adore about NYC!

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