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Art of the In Between | Rei Kawakubo at the Met

A huge congratulations goes to Japanese fashion icon Rei Kawakubo- you may know her as her brand name Comme Des Garçons- for being this years MET GALA THEME. The stunning exhibit featuring not only her intricate garments but also a sense of architecture and interior design just ended its run, [...]

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Lviv | Ukraine | Gate to a different world

Lviv, Ukraine is one of the more shy European destinations… which is upsetting because it deserves so much more credit and attention!!! The Ukrainian City holds a deep past, and strong, thriving present. Definitely should be added to your Bucket List of places to visit. And what makes [...]

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La Vacanza Romana | Featuring Pizza, Vino Rosso e l’architettura

  Where water fresh from fontanelle is your fuel… and your reward for a day in the desert-like weather is pizza + vino rosso. Rome is probably my #1 vacation destination.   To BOOK YOUR FLIGHT… click here 🙂 && You must eat DINNER here Photography: Ivona Kaplan  

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Where do New Yorkers go in the Summertime? | FIRE ISLAND Edition

WHERE DO REAL NEW YORKERS SPEND THEIR SUMMER DAYS you may wonder… well we got you an extra ticket to join us to the ideal getaway for residents of NYC! The City may get -well lets just say- pretty overwhelming in the summertime!! Tourists finally receive use their vacation days from work [...]

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Urban Creativi-tea is a conceptual lifestyle service exhibiting the latest trends in ALL your personal interests. What is trendy, where to go, what to wear. Everything we adore about NYC!

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