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Lviv | Ukraine | Gate to a different world

Lviv, Ukraine is one of the more shy European destinations… which is upsetting because it deserves so much more credit and attention!!! The Ukrainian City holds a deep past, and strong, thriving present. Definitely should be added to your Bucket List of places to visit. And what makes [...]

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La Vacanza Romana | Featuring Pizza, Vino Rosso e l’architettura

  Where water fresh from fontanelle is your fuel… and your reward for a day in the desert-like weather is pizza + vino rosso. Rome is probably my #1 vacation destination.   To BOOK YOUR FLIGHT… click here ūüôā && You must eat DINNER here Photography: Ivona Kaplan  

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Where do New Yorkers go in the Summertime? | FIRE ISLAND Edition

WHERE DO REAL NEW YORKERS SPEND THEIR SUMMER DAYS you may wonder… well we got you an extra ticket to join us to the ideal getaway for residents of NYC! The City may get -well lets just say- pretty overwhelming in the summertime!! Tourists finally receive use their vacation days from work [...]

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WANDERLUST | Prom 2017 with Sherri Hill Dress

Every girl at PROM deserves a Sherri Hill dress! This ball gown truly made me feel like I’m from a fairy tale, attending the Oscars, or filming for the new season of Game of Thrones. Nobody does it like Sherri Hill- The silky smooth fabric, to the endless layers of tulle that add volume, [...]

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Portrait Photography – Irving Penn @ Metropolitan Museum NYC

 Irving Penn is one of the most eccentric masters of modern photography. He inspired future photographers of all genres with his portraits. Photography styles have changed so much. Now-a-days with Photoshop it is something so much more diverse. However lately it makes me happy seeing a return [...]

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Love vs. Lust | Conceptual Fine Art Photography

What is Conceptual Photography? Images that when pieced together, tell a story… By experimenting with¬†conceptual/fine art photography, we can create our own fictitious piece with characters in a made-up environment. Usually the artist has a vision that spreads a clear message, but other [...]

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IV | Travel Photography

Your personal Eldorado. Croatia. The days when you wake up early in the morning, and the camera is your only friend. Vodice, Croatia Photo credit: Ivona Kaplan Steak by Guste 

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III | Street Fashion Photography

Street Photography. Wear whatever you like x whenever you like.¬†The best looks or photos come from your personal attitude! Tatiana America’s Next Top Model NYFW 2017 | Street Photography Boots: Shoe Market NYC Photo credit: Raymond Swift¬†

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II | Film Photography

Film. Is anyone shooting in film these days? To learn anything and to be good at it requires a lot of experimentation. Below are some 35mm Olympus shots.       Photo credit: Raymond Swift

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I | Street Photography

  Basics. Hunt out¬†some intriguing photographic inspiration¬†on the streets. Define your style. For me, streets of Brooklyn are never ending gold mines. IK Photo credit: Ivona Kaplan      

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Who we are?

Urban Creativi-tea¬†( currently under construction) is still a conceptual lifestyle service exhibiting the latest trends in ¬†your favorite personal interests. What is trendy, where to go, what to wear ideas… and more coming up soon! Stay tuned !

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