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EMILIA on HBO?? | Vlogging with VICE NEWS at NYFW

At 5pm while enjoying a casual Five Leaves burger in Williamsburg, I received a call from a friend at Vice News. She asked, „You’re trying to get into the Alexander Wang show tomorrow right?” I replied with, „Yes… I would love to get there asap! I’m dying to [...]

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New York Fashion Week Extravaganza! | NYFW SS18

    FASHION TAKES CINEMATIC TURN!   All About NYFW Street Style , SS 2018 —————————————>> NYFW 17 | Street Style  Photography by Raymond Swift    

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Art of the In Between | Rei Kawakubo at the Met

A huge congratulations goes to Japanese fashion icon Rei Kawakubo- you may know her as her brand name Comme Des Garçons- for being this years MET GALA THEME. The stunning exhibit featuring not only her intricate garments but also a sense of architecture and interior design just ended its run, [...]

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Lviv | Ukraine | Gate to a different world

Lviv, Ukraine is one of the more shy European destinations… which is upsetting because it deserves so much more credit and attention!!! The Ukrainian City holds a deep past, and strong, thriving present. Definitely should be added to your Bucket List of places to visit. And what makes [...]

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CAFFEINE SHOPPING | Our favorite Coffee + Tea

In today’s post, we are inviting you for a cup of caffeine! Here is a little guide to some of our favorite Coffee and Tea Shops in Brooklyn + Manhattan. There are so many to choose from… this is definitely not the last post on this topic. If you are a caffeine addict, these places [...]

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Sunny Side Up! | Virtual Shopping Sunglasses Edition

One of my favorite hobbies this summer turned out to be… collecting SUNGLASSES!! Sunglasses are the fastest and easiest way to make any outfit look stylish, funky, bold & brave. They are also (at times) a perfect way to make a statement, without wasting your whole paycheck! However- [...]

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Virtual Shopping with our Stylist | Earrings Edition

I’m all over the earrings trend right now! Huge, asymmetrical, funny, different, weird …. well that’s in style! I have them all on my bucket list! And can’t wait to share them with you! Let’s go for some virtual shopping- I wonder how much you’ll enjoy our [...]

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In today’s look I am featuring this super chic, super rebellious, and super high quality RESPECT beret by UK brand ITCHY SCRATCHY PATCHY. Perhaps you have already seen this headpiece on the internet, since it is worn by no other than supermodel and style icon Cara Delevingne, British [...]

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Shop in Style @ Williamsburg | Brooklyn

Quick Shopping day here in Williamsburg…our favorite neighborhood!  Williamsburg is a hipster haven filled with options, which can be „both a blessing and a curse” when trying to pick the BEST places to shop, since we are guilty of loving all of them! Which shopping [...]

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Where do New Yorkers go in the Summertime? | FIRE ISLAND Edition

WHERE DO REAL NEW YORKERS SPEND THEIR SUMMER DAYS you may wonder… well we got you an extra ticket to join us to the ideal getaway for residents of NYC! The City may get -well lets just say- pretty overwhelming in the summertime!! Tourists finally receive use their vacation days from work [...]

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L’AMICO | The Restaurant That Feels Like Una Casa in Italia!!

The award-winning L’Amico restaurant in Chelsea’s Eventi Hotel is inspired by a wood-fired meal and the simplicity of a stroll through the country side. Influenced by industrial details, Crème (founded by Jun Aizaki) has created this breathtaking paradise for rustic design lovers like us! [...]

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INTRODUCING THE DUMBO REFLECTOR | Food + Art + Culture + Life Performers @ The Archway – Brooklyn, NY

The Archway @ DUMBO located on the corner of Waters St and Adams St, welcomes you with the DUMBO Reflector. The sign immediately gives you an ultimate sense of the hip culture in the neighborhood you are about to enter. Dumbo is where you can find some interesting food for lunchtime, live music [...]

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