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In an instagram post one of my most beloved brands stated, „If Spring doesn’t want to come soon, we will bring it to you!” In an effort to kick-off our new season, Urban Outfitters launched a two day pop-up event– „Flower Mart.” A fresh take on fake flowers. [...]

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PAOLA CITTERIO | Exhibition @ Our Fav: Pip Squeak Chapeau!

ATTACK.PENETRATE.PROVOKE:IN A PINK WAY! „The metal tools, the soft, warm wool fibers and of course, the process… They are all about a ‘new world.’ A world in which as a woman and an artist, I believe we must push past those traditional assumptions, penetrate myths and provoke [...]

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Russian Tea Room | „Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fan’s dream come true !

„Breakfast at Tiffany’s” fan’s dream come true !   Hardcore fans of the iconic 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s went all-out for the potential to recreate, or at least pay homage to, Audrey Hepburn’s chic breakfast outside the luxury retailer on Fifth Avenue, were [...]

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Design vs Nature | Finding your perfect pattern

Designers bring in their inspiration from nature… nothing new …. right? Textile design,Fashion Design, Interior Design , ….. and Hawaii ….           Photo Credit: Ivona Kaplan     what is your favorite pattern…. ??   We still [...]

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All Hands Restaurant | Rustic Interior @ South Williamsburg

All Hands is a new American seafood restaurant located in South Williamsburg. At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Pete Lipson, who combines products from local fisheries, farmers, and artisans to create seasonally inspired dishes. Craig Shillitto is  a New York City based designer. He [...]

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The Great EROS | Williamsburg, BK

We walk into the perfect scenery…  Calming, soothing music playing from an old radio, incense burning, gorgeous lingerie hanging, our next dream bodysuit. This must be a daydream? Because this seems like the ideal paradise created for all women of Earth. Well, REALITY CHECK- this place is [...]

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L’AMICO | The Restaurant That Feels Like Una Casa in Italia!!

The award-winning L’Amico restaurant in Chelsea’s Eventi Hotel is inspired by a wood-fired meal and the simplicity of a stroll through the country side. Influenced by industrial details, Crème (founded by Jun Aizaki) has created this breathtaking paradise for rustic design lovers like us! [...]

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Rustic Interior | The Musket Room

The Musket Room is an exceptionally chic place located in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan.. It is not only a great place for gourmet food, it is also a place of exquisite interior decor designed by London-based Alexander Waterworth Interiors. This is a place to not only enjoy your dinner [...]

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Tea Atelier | Bellocq

Last week we enjoyed our much needed dose of caffeine at Bellocq Tea Atelier. The tea room is hidden in a more intimate part of Greenpoint, on West Street. It’s a lovely place to enjoy intricate teas of over 50 varieties from places like China, Japan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, [...]

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Window Shopper – Abc Carpet and Home

ABC Carpet & Home’s six-floor Manhattan flagship retains a distinct warehouse aesthetic: Worn hardwood floors creak under your feet, glittering chandeliers and gigantic antique carpets adorn the high ceilings, and furniture vignettes—often more piles than displays—stand everywhere. [...]

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Who we are?

Urban Creativi-tea ( currently under construction) is still a conceptual lifestyle service exhibiting the latest trends in  your favorite personal interests. What is trendy, where to go, what to wear ideas… and more coming up soon! Stay tuned !

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