Art of the In Between | Rei Kawakubo at the Met

A huge congratulations goes to Japanese fashion icon Rei Kawakubo- you may know her as her brand name Comme Des Garçons- for being this years MET GALA THEME.

The stunning exhibit featuring not only her intricate garments but also a sense of architecture and interior design just ended its run, and we are taking you back to the highlights!

A truly unforgettable collection filled with funky themes…

Fashion/ Not Fashion ? We say it’s all DESIGN!

Location : Metropolitan Museum of Art UPPER EAST SIDE, Manhattan

Doesn’t this pant suit totally remind you of a Zara fabric?? Hmm…

This is what we mean by interior design.

And yes- there were also Trolls!! LOL

The garment on the left was worn by Rihanna herself, at the Met Gala premiere!

Unfortunately, you can’t shop these Garments!! 🙁

However- you can visit Rei Kawakubo’s concept store for Comme Des Garçons, DOVER STREET MARKET. Featuring Kawakubo’s designs, as well as luxury fashion houses including Gucci, etc.

Comme Des Garçons also has a more affordable line called, Comme Des Garçons PLAY featuring that „heart” logo t-shirt you have been seeing everywhere.

                                                                   Photography by Ray Swift 


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