ARCTIC MONKEYS POP UP STORE | Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino

The moment Arctic Monkey’s fans have been waiting for 5 years has finally arrived. The UK group has finally released a new album entitled,


In order to celebrate and promote the release of the album, the band set up six Pop Up Store locations internationally– Sheffield, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, and our very own SoHo!

Inside the store fans were greeted by posters of front-man Alex Turner, vinyls of all albums released throughout the years, keychains, tote bags, and more.

A projector displayed a short documentation of how the new album was created… scenes of Alex playing billiards, and constructing the playful album artwork.


The album so far has received mixed reviews– some love it, some are disappointed. This album is much different than what we have heard from the Arctic Monkeys before. In my opinion, much more laid back…

„…Take it easy for a little while… come and stay with us.”

BOILER SUITS continue to be the trend of  „NYC pop up” gear. Remember the Alexander Wang WANGFEST ones? Or the ones worn by the girls of Glossier…


Unfortunately, tickets to see the band in NYC are sold out and currently very high in price for re-sale.

For more info visit the Arctic Monkeys website.

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