AngloMANIAC | Featuring Dr. Martens

Since the moment I discovered them- seeing singer Ellie Goulding wearing them- Dr. Martens immediately became my favorite shoe. Not only are they universal, super comfortable, and match every outfit, „Docs” give you that


Klaus Märtens was a German WWII doctor. He formed a theory that the standard boot given to those in the army is far too uncomfortable. So he acquired soft leather and tires (tires were used for the sole) to create his own custom boots. The shoes were very comfortable, practical, and first gained popularity throughout housewives! 80% of Doc Martens sales were to women over the age of 40 for the next ten years. Eventually, in the 1960s British Skinheads began to wear them and Doc Martens acquired their reputation as being a symbol of punk and rebellion.

During today’s times Doc Martens are known all around the world and continue to be a big hit. I absolutely love their store on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, BK. When I walk in there I immediately want them all!! When I saw this new specific Union Jack style it took me back to all the amazing memories I had in London, and decided I need to add these to my collection. (I’m guilty of owning around 10 pairs.)

I definitely recommend a pair to spice up your next outfit.

Add a bit of rebel to your look! 


Shirt – Abercrombie & Fitch

Jeans – BDG Denim @ Urban Outfitters 

Bag – Céline

Sunnies – Crap Eyewear


Photographer: Ivona Kaplan 





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